Anyone can appreciate the beauty of freshly-fallen snow, especially when the possibility of a snow day is involved. However, snow management is no light task, and it is important to remember the importance of keeping safe while removing snow from walks and driveways.

Remember that shoveling snow is a strenuous exercise and that you should take time to properly warm up your muscles and stretch before clearing your walks and drives. Wearing appropriate clothing is a must. Gloves or mittens and non-slip boots are a necessity and your clothing should be layered and light to allow you to remove items as you get warmer.

Be sure that you are using the proper equipment- your snow shovel should have a long handle to allow you to work without excessive bending. To reduce stress on your body, it is important to shovel early and often, before the snow becomes densely packed and heavy.

Once walks and drives are clear of snow, spread a light layer of salt to prevent ice from forming. If you have pets, you may want to select a salt that is specially formulated to be non-harmful to your four-legged friend’s paws or stomach, such as Morton Safe-T Pet Care Ice Melt.

Follows these tips to help ensure the safety of all who visit your home and take the worry out of Winter!