“I wanted to let Crimson Valley landscaping know how thoroughly pleased I am with the experience of working with you and your business.

From the initial stages of conceptualizing what Sue and I wanted until the last day of work, I felt our vision and dreams for our new outdoor living space were well met. As the designer, you listened carefully to our ideas, put them down in a blueprint, graciously incorporated changes, and helped us really visualized the design with a virtual reality video.

The team of workers are also worthy of high praise. They arrived daily, on time and worked hard and tirelessly. They willingly answered our questions and addressed any concerns we had. They were very friendly and respectful. Also, daily, they cleaned their workspace before leaving and stored equipment, always keeping our driveway and living space accessible and free.

We were fortunate to have had three weeks of mostly clear weather, but on days that threatened rain, they worked through and if they were unable to work due to inclement weather, they returned on the weekend often with extra workers. We were very impressed with that work ethic and relieved as well since were are hosting a backyard wedding on October 6th. To have a project of this size and magnitude finished in a timely fashion and to our specifications was amazing!

We look forward to sharing our new space with friends and relatives on that special day and in the months and years to come. The quality of the materials, attention to detail in the design and implementation assure us of so much enjoyment. So, we just wanted to say THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts and let you know we are singing your praises to anyone who will listen. We would be happy to provide a recommendation at any time or in any way we can!”

— Rob & Sue

“Very much enjoyed and felt very comfortable working with Dawn James and the crews. Very professional. Very pleased with the redesign of our river front.”

— Paul K

“Challenging situation with hard working crew and wonderful completed result!”

— Kristopher T

“I talked to several landscaping companies before I found Crimson Valley. I was very uncomfortable with the recommendations from the other companies and was beginning to wonder if I would find a good solution. Chris and Crimson Valley came through with an awesome solution and executed the plan perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with final outcome. Thank you!”

— Scott P

“Dawn was very professional and developed a wonderful plan that Joel and his team executed to perfection.”

— Beatrice A

“Very impressed with this Company. I thought that they went beyond the work actually promised. Workers were very detailed in every aspect of the project-definitely a good job!”

— Don L

“Very pleased with the work done in a timely manner. Have had many workers here over many years, and these did a great job of returning everything to normal!”

— Melody H

“I loved the designs that Dawn came up with. It was wonderful being able to watch the crew at work. They quickly transformed my yard on Villa Wood Circle.”

—Yolanda V

“Very impressed with this Company. I thought that they went beyond the work actually promised. Workers were very detailed in every aspect of the project-definitely a good job!”

— Don L

A Landscaper’s Dream

A Beautiful house surrounded by Woods,
A Landscapers Challenge it will be indeed.
Offers to do our landscaping came morning, noon, and night
But we didn’t decide too quickly, we wanted it done just right.
“Oh we can do this and we can do that”, he said with a proud Grin
“Here let me show you, I draw it out by hand”.
A Hand drawn layout was not the way we wanted to go,
So we stood Firm, Smile and politely said, “NO”.
And then on day as I was searching through this great big telephone book
I said “Honey, drop what you’re doing it’s important that you come take a look!”
There it was in front of our eyes neither one of us could believe,
This ad from Crimson Valley Landscaping and how they met all of our needs!
Computer generated design with Flowers, Trees and more,
To visualize our Hopes and Dreams that’s all we we’re asking for.
So we dialed the number on the page below
No fuss, flip or Flanders.
Then a Gentleman answered on the other end;
“Hi, this is Pat Sanders!”
My son Mike he owns this business, he’s very Good you see
He and Christian are very knowledgeable with Flowers, Plants, and Trees.
And so we met with Mike and Christian one Saturday afternoon,
To discuss the potential landscape design that neither one us knew.
“This Tree and that Tree, Boy! These guys are Sharp!”
They had so much passion: you knew it came from the Heart!
The Computer design they showed us was really something to see,
We finally had a general visual of what our Yard could be.
The sat down with me Patiently and very willingly to help me to decide,
Where the Trees, and Flowers would go, the colors, shapes and size.
It was obvious and very clear from these two gentlemen with me,
They wanted to make me very happy with all of my landscaping Dreams.
Now fast forward and the day has come and my Landscaping is Complete.
Mike, Pat, Christian and the crew gave me a Wonderful treat!
I can’t believe how Beautiful everything is but it is no mystery to me,
They were so very Professional; they knew what they were doing…