“We LOVE our patio and the landscaping around it! We can’t say enough about how great you guys are! Thank-you!”

– Joe & Margie

“Thank you very much for the beautiful job. We know it was a lot of hard labor, and it is greatly appreciated. We will remember you for anything else that comes along. Thank you again!”

– Tom & Gale

“Dear Mike and All the Work Crews, We want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate the Great Job that was very well done for us. All the Team work and concern, and aiming to please. Your workmen are professionals. Taking out 2 bushes, the extra rock and bricks. The design of the wall, cleaning up and adding all the finishing touches meant more than you know. We are so proud to say we had Crimson Valley do the job for us. Thank you again. With Pride and Appreciation”

– Leroy & Vicki

We want to thank-you for the wonderful job you did in making our yard and patio look great! Everyone that sees our yard says how good it looks—We love the two islands you put in and all the bushes and flowering plants around our new home. Our patio and retaining wall looks so nice. Your crew was so hard working and nice to work with. Thanks also for checking on our yard and making sure the watering system is getting everything watered.
Thanks again—it’s been great working with you! P.S. Thanks for the tree out front!”

– Jim & Barb

“Thanks for the great work on our property this year!”

– Dianne & Rick

“Dear Mike, Chris and your incredible hard working group of employees —
Thank you is such a small word for such a great wall. I am still in awe of what you accomplished in my back yard. Thanks for seeing our vision of our back yard and making it come true. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Julie & Dave

“I could ask for a lot of thing for Christmas…But I couldn’t asked or a better Landscaper!”

– Tina & Kids

“Just wanted to formally thank you. Thank you so very much for the “Beautiful” Flowers. What a wonderful surprise! They put a smile on my face when I need it.
Thanks you so much again,”

– Norma

“I live right around the corner from the house you are doing on Roxbury. It already looks great. The way the retaining walls curve and match the house is very impressive. It is a very attractive house but the brick walls you have added really make it stunning. It is really a showcase house. I don’t currently have a need for your services but if I ever do or if someone asked me for a referral for landscape service, I would highly recommend your company. I can’t wait to see it finished.”

– Diane

“Thank to you and your crew for a great job—Many nice compliments from others. Please drop me a few of your business cards to have!”

– Anthony

“Thank you for all your updates this winter, they have been very helpful. Both my boss and I are incredibly happy with your services and the way that you manage your accounts. All businesses should operate as Crimson Valley does.  Also, we would like to discuss landscaping for spring soon.”  Best Regards,

– Kari Boxall Cunningham, Ewikon Molding Technologies

“It looks Excellent! No Doubt! Indeed!”

– Cytyois Bills

A Landscaper’s Dream

A Beautiful house surrounded by Woods,
A Landscapers Challenge it will be indeed.
Offers to do our landscaping came morning, noon, and night
But we didn’t decide too quickly, we wanted it done just right.
“Oh we can do this and we can do that”, he said with a proud Grin
“Here let me show you, I draw it out by hand”.
A Hand drawn layout was not the way we wanted to go,
So we stood Firm, Smile and politely said, “NO”.
And then on day as I was searching through this great big telephone book
I said “Honey, drop what you’re doing it’s important that you come take a look!”
There it was in front of our eyes neither one of us could believe,
This ad from Crimson Valley Landscaping and how they met all of our needs!
Computer generated design with Flowers, Trees and more,
To visualize our Hopes and Dreams that’s all we we’re asking for.
So we dialed the number on the page below
No fuss, flip or Flanders.
Then a Gentleman answered on the other end;
“Hi, this is Pat Sanders!”
My son Mike he owns this business, he’s very Good you see
He and Christian are very knowledgeable with Flowers, Plants, and Trees.
And so we met with Mike and Christian one Saturday afternoon,
To discuss the potential landscape design that neither one us knew.
“This Tree and that Tree, Boy! These guys are Sharp!”
They had so much passion: you knew it came from the Heart!
The Computer design they showed us was really something to see,
We finally had a general visual of what our Yard could be.
The sat down with me Patiently and very willingly to help me to decide,
Where the Trees, and Flowers would go, the colors, shapes and size.
It was obvious and very clear from these two gentlemen with me,
They wanted to make me very happy with all of my landscaping Dreams.
Now fast forward and the day has come and my Landscaping is Complete.
Mike, Pat, Christian and the crew gave me a Wonderful treat!
I can’t believe how Beautiful everything is but it is no mystery to me,
They were so very Professional; they knew what they were doing…

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