Watering Your Landscape During a Heat Advisory

The heat wave spreading across our area puts a lot of stress on not only us but our lawns and landscape plantings as well.

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Follow these simple steps to assure that your lawn and plantings thrive. If you have an irrigation system, you should run it every day during the heat wave. Run your irrigation system for 20 to 30 minutes per zone between the hours of 2:00am and 2:00pm, the earlier the better. Watering early will prevent evaporation and allow our lawns to dry before the evening hours when they are more susceptible to pests and diseases. If the evening is the only time available for you to water, please do so, watering during those times will be more beneficial than not watering at all. The same applies to hand watering and using sprinklers. If you do not have an irrigation system, it is important to still hand water or run a sprinkler using the same recommendations as above.

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