Landscape plants are great for adding color and texture to a garden. Create dramatic contrasts between paved surfaces, planting beds and lawns. Crimson Valley Landscaping offers a variety of superior quality trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers.

Our plant materials are local grown and are acclimated to our northern area producing a better quality landscape. Locally grown plant materials have a better survival rate considering they are accustomed to our heavier clay soils, humid and hot summers and below zero temperatures in the winter.

Trees & shrubs are great addition to any landscape. Shade trees are a great investment; with proper placement in the landscape, they have considerable energy saving properties and increase property value. Shrubs and small ornamental trees provide visual interest and focal points in the landscape. Evergreen trees and shrubs give the landscape interest throughout the four seasons. Perennials and ground cover flowers add color and texture to the floor of the landscape beds.

Our talented landscape design team will create a beautiful landscaping plan selecting the proper plants that are suitable for your home and landscape. We enjoy creating landscapes with fantastic seasonal interest. Flowers, berries and fall colors will keep the landscape ever changing and attractive.

Our planting plans are tailored to meet your maintenance and budget requirements. From simple foundation plantings to elaborate gardens, we will work with you on the perfect landscape solution. With every plant installation, we include access to our plant care guide to insure lasting quality of your landscape.

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