Irrigation Systems

irrigation maintenance in RockfordCrimson Valley Landscaping is a licensed and professional installer of irrigation systems. We install and maintain residential and commercial irrigation systems in the Greater Rockford area, as well as, Lake Geneva and Madison, WI. We take pride in providing our clients with the proper irrigation settings needed to reduce evaporation, prevent wasting water and to save you money. Decrease the maintenance costs of your home by having Crimson Valley Landscaping install an irrigation system to water your lawn and plants.

Crimson Valley is a Hunter Industries Preferred Installer and our irrigation installers are proud graduates of the John Deere Landscapes University for irrigation contractors. Our services include:

• New Irrigation System Installations
• Existing Irrigation System Maintenance
• Seasonal Startup and Shutdown
• Backflow Inspections

An in-ground irrigation system is a wonderful feature to have when establishing a new lawn and for keeping an existing lawn healthy and green. We time our sprinkler systems to water your lawn between 9pm and 9am to reduce evaporation during the heat of the day. We offer an upgraded nozzle system that creates better spray uniformity compared to traditional sprinkler heads; these nozzles conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff. Our irrigation systems come equipped with rain sensors that will help to prevent unnecessary watering. We use Hunter Industries Solar Sync sensors that effectively eliminates wasted water. These sensors track rain, humidity, heat and the sun’s rays to efficiently water your lawn.

We use drip irrigation systems in planting beds, drip irrigation applies water directly to the roots. The slow application prevents wasted water and maintains an ideal moisture level in our client’s landscape beds. Less water is lost due to evaporation from sun and wind when using a drip irrigation system to water landscape planting beds. Drip irrigation simply takes the hassle out of watering plants.

Crimson Valley Landscaping – Registered Contractor Number #60-00427-01


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