Natural Stone

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Natural stone is a great selection for many landscapes. Our natural stone crew specializes in the meticulous construction of natural hardscaping products. Natural materials are unique and no two pieces are exactly alike. The color, shape, size and textures of the products vary. Our skilled team of stone specialists creates one-of-a-kind outdoor rooms and landscapes featuring bluestone, limestone, boulders, outcropping stone, flagstone, cut drywall, and other natural stone materials.

Natural stone products are a unique way to turn any space into an incredible outdoor living area. Stone construction gives any landscape a luxurious and distinctive look. Natural stone differs from brick pavers in a sense that brick pavers are a manufactured concrete material. Stone is a natural and more complex product and installation.

Use flagstone for patios and walkways or for steppers throughout the garden. Flagstone is available in an irregular stone or in cut pieces for a more formal patterned or contemporary look. Use different types of stones for many landscaping and gardening applications.

Cut drywall is used for a dry-stacked stone wall or mortared for a sophisticated facade. Cut drywall stone is excellent for freestanding garden walls or retaining walls, also making stunning outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces.

Boulders and outcropping stones range in size from smaller to very large stones; we use these stones for ponds and waterfalls, retaining walls and garden accents. We create beautiful outcropping benches for a unique garden vignette seating area, a truly unique garden accent feature.