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What is more wonderful than walking on a plush, green lawn? Crimson Valley Landscaping will provide you with sod, seed or hydroseed to create that immaculate setting. Our lawn experts will guide you through the proper lawn application for your home landscaping. Combine our professional installation with an in-ground irrigation system and our lawn maintenance service and your lawn will certainly flourish.

Our experienced landscape team will assist you in determining whether sod, seed or hydroseed is best for your landscaping and budget. Sod will be the most upfront investment but give you the appearance of an instant lawn. Take special care though, a newly sodded lawn still must be watered properly and given time to establish in order for it to be successful. Seed and hydroseed are a less costly way to establish a lawn. Seed must be watered regularly in order for it to germinate and to keep the young seedlings nourished as they grow. It will take a seeded lawn approximately one year to become established.

There are important factors to consider when choosing a lawn installation that is right for you. Review them and discuss your options with our landscape professionals.


• Time of Year is important. Although turfgrass sod may be installed year round as long as there is sod available. Seed and hydroseed are not recommended in the summer; spring and fall installations are best for seeding.

• Water Requirements are highest for seeded lawns. The bare soil dries out quickly. Hydroseed will require moderate to high watering, the mulch will preserve some of the moisture. Sod is the lowest of the three; sod will shade the soil and prevent it from drying out.

• Weed Control is minimal with a sodded lawn; the need for chemical control is very low. Seed and hydroseed lawns will require multiple chemical applications to combat the weed invasions until the lawn is established.

• Erosion or Runoff. Heavy rains may cause washouts in the seeded lawns; this can cause spottiness or other damage. A seed lawn has no protection from erosion for several months. The mulch of a hydroseeded lawn should help provide some protection while a sodded lawn is capable of handling heavy rains without runoff or damage.

• Usability of Lawn. While all lawns will require low traffic immediately after installation, a sodded lawn will give you the quickest turn around. A sodded lawn will tolerate normal to high traffic within 2 to 3 weeks. Seed and hydroseed will tolerate low traffic for 2 to 4 months but you should refrain from normal use for a full year.

• Installation Costs. Seeding your lawn will be the lowest cost, hydroseed is a mid to high cost while sod will be the highest cost.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Crimson Valley offers quality lawn care and landscaping maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. Routine lawn and landscape maintenance is an important step to a long-lasting and carefree landscape. Our maintenance services include:

• Spring & Fall Cleanups
• Planting Bed Maintenance
• Bed Edging
• Mulching
• Lawn Mowing
• Fertilization
• Pruning
• Lawn Aeration

We offer extended plant warranties to our clients that sign up for our landscape maintenance program after we install their new landscape. There is no better way to help protect your landscape investment then to have it professionally maintained. Ask a landscape sales consultant about our lawn care and landscape maintenance programs.

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