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Summer is in full swing and, thanks to your irrigation system, your lawn looks lush and inviting without you having to do a thing. Or do you?

Irrigation maintenance in Rockford are designed to be low maintenance, so it’s tempting to simply ‘set and forget’ them. But no equipment is invincible.

Periodic inspections throughout the irrigation season will prevent and/or minimize problems so your lawn will stay looking great.


Inspecting your irrigation system is not difficult. Here are some irrigation maintenance tips and tricks:

1. Check Your Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

Every week or two, or once a month at the very least, be prepared to walk through your property and check all of your sprinkler heads to be sure they are still in good condition and working properly.

Most sprinkler timers that are at most 10 years old have a test cycle, which makes this task easy. Just set your timer to run on

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